Eamonlee Arietta RTA Review

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08 октября 2019, 12:26 | Eamonlee Arietta RTA Review

Eamonlee Arietta RTA Review

Eamonlee Arietta RTA Review—Your New Toy

Although I watched the e-cigarette market everyday, it is always a structures to plagiarize each other. This made me feel bad....

Until recently, there was a tank made me surprise called Arietta.I saw this Emonlee Arietta atomizear at instagram:eamonleecollection. I felt that like wow, this is quite special. I couldn’t find any similar in current market, I realized that the Emonlee Arietta is limited edition,soon i got one in my hand,

How about it? Is «she» very beautiful? In fact, «she» is not only beautiful, but also very very very hot!--Love it much-Eamonlee RTA

«She» consists of eight air flows from below, and gathers into a total air intake to blow up from the bottom to heating coil. I call it «whirlwind» air intake. The advantage is that the air coming from bottom airflow is Rotating in the combustion chamber continuously, the oil is evaporated by the heating coil made it fully “stirred” and uniformly sent to the tube. I like this design very much, the smoke taste uniform and not hot at all after «stirring». I have been vaping for more than three hours this afternoon, not only smoke, but also the Arietta tank itself is not hot. I have to say this is a very good design

Next is a arietta desk design. The electrode of this Arietta is not a tan need to screwed to prime the coil. It means you don’t need to unscrew the screw for coil. You only need to press down two spring steel sheets and prime your coil, although this can save all kinds of troubles caused by screwdrivers and hexes (we all know haha), This is an DIY atomizer for vapor but not so easy for a new vapor.Take a little bit time to prime the coil.

Another special part about Arietta is the 3 air channe… its a long smoke travel, the decentralized air tube completely eliminates the possibility of frying oil,I was not used to it when I started to vape. Another advantage is this smoke long journey transfer make the smoke «cooling down». I personally don't like hot smoke. Hot smoke make me cough much. The smoke from Eamonlee Atomizer is almost «cold». I love it much!

After the structure, let's start prime the coil! In theory, this Eamonlee Arietta is more suitable for «fancy silk”, I used the 24g. I made the coil with a loop of 3.0 loops around the circle. The resistance is about 0.4, which is quite partial.

For this desk, you have to pull the line straight instead of the common shape. You know it when you get one in hand haha.
Install the electrode table cover. Note that the two notches are the oil guide grooves. Align the coils then you can put the cotton.

This is how it looks Haha! The amount of smoke is at a medium level. As a Flavor atomizer, the amount of smoke is a little big smoke.But the smoke is extremely delicate, there is no graininess at all, and the texture is full of layering and resolution. Take Oreo oil flavor of creamy chocolate as example,with this Eamonlee Arietta atomizer,You can taste chocolate as same as the smoothness of milk, I gave 98 points on the taste.

This Arietta tank is really really good, it is a good toy for mid-end players, the structure is novel, the workmanship is fine, the taste is good, the smoke is much larger than the pure taste atomizer, no oil leakage, no oil (not a little fried) Imports,is limited edition,go for it, why not! Haah
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